8 Tips to Winning Business Plans

Don't get stumped by your lender. Barry Sharp, our lead business plan writer and expert business consultant gives you 8 tips to get lender-ready Canadian business plans in his free guide!

It's not your idea that matters, it's simple numbers. Drawing on 30 years experience, this guide will help you win with Canadian lenders.

Don't Get Left Empty Handed

  • Learn how to win with Canadian investors
  • Simple tips to prove to lenders that your business plan is viable
  • How to summarize and present your plan in investor friendly language

Barry's free report will show you this and much, much more!

Report Includes:


Bankers love collateral, and without it, it's very hard to get money from Canadian banks.

Debt-Service Ratio / Debt-Service Coverage

You must use your cash flow statements to prove you will be able to service the initial debt through excess cashflow.

Break-even analysis

When will your business break-even and how?

5 Other Key Issues to ensure a win with Canadian Lenders

Whether it's a bank or a private lender, Canadians on a whole are quite conservative. Do these things right and you won't get left with just a dream.