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This is Barry's Blog. The title came from a client, who's the president of a medium sized business organization. We have a breakfast meeting once a month where we discuss business issues and goals. Since my name is Barry Sharp, my initials are BS. Our conversations are free-wheeling, but revolve around solving the problems that small business owners have. The blog is my view as a business consultant on the world of business and business owners. It lets me "talk" to you without writing complex articles or web pages.

Business Resources

Nothing to do with business and everything to do with business. Find 20 minutes in your day to go to this website. You will be entertained, fascinated, appalled and maybe motivated to spend more time saving our world. Those of you that know me know that I am not a tree-hugger. That's still true. Watch the video anyway.

Domain Names

The name you choose for your website is critical. It is really important that your potential customers can find you easily on the web. The name you choose should be fairly short so that it´s easy to type. The name should also be easy to remember and help to describe your business or brand.

I strongly recommend you check out It´s a site that´s free to use and it suggests different domain names based on the type of business you are in that are still available for registration. You don´t even have to use Nameboy to register them if you want to use another domain registration company.

Make Your Mortgage Tax-Deductible

Save $100,000 and don´t pay me a penny!!

If you are a business owner in Canada and you have a mortgage on your personal residence, you could be able to make your mortgage tax deductible. Check out the "Smith Manoeuvre". Use Google or another search engine to research this and find out if it is for you.

If you have a typical $200,000 mortgage at 5% over 25 years, you´ll pay nearly $150,000 in interest. Making it deductible could easily save you $60,000 in taxes and if you paid off the mortgage earlier with the tax savings, you could easily save $100,000.

Personal Planning

Do you know where you want to be in 5 years...10 years...? Write down your goals. If they´re not written down, it´s just a dream. Take some time and write down your goals. Just the act of writing them brings them 20% nearer. Read the list of goals each week and decide what you´re going to do that week that will move you closer. You´re halfway there already!

People we like doing business with

We are a small business consulting firm based in Burnaby. We´re central to most of the Lower Mainland and our clients come from Greater Vancouver, the rest of Canada, and Europe. We also believe in our own business community and are pleased to suggest these excellent businesses that operate in our area.

Professional Organizing

Is getting organized challenging for you? If your office or your home needs organizing to help you work and live more efficiently, call Susan or Heather at Good Riddance Professional Organizing Solutions for a complimentary consultation.

Call 604 421-5952

Real Estate

Selling your home? We´ll market your home for all it´s worth. Buying a new home. We know the area. Check out the website for insider´s secrets on buying and selling your home. For all your real estate needs. Call Brenda Lee for local knowledge and professional service.

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Business Consulting

Does your business make enough money for you? We specialize in consulting with businesses and potential business owners and help them increase profits. Call our business plan consultants and find out how we can help your business work better for you. If you want a business plan for financing purposes, ask about our preferred pricing.

Call us @ 800 661-9842

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