Business Processes

Improving Profits Through Experience, Innovation and Expertise

Are your business processes working for you or against you?

Most expanding businesses outgrow their business processes. Could your business benefit from an expert small business consultant who really understands how to make more money?

Are your profits increasing at a faster rate than your sales?

As your sales increase, your gross profit should increase and your fixed expenses should be fixed (!) so profitability should be increasing at a higher rate than sales.

Are you spending your time growing the business or fighting fires?

This is a picture of a healthy business

Profits are keeping track with the increase in sales. Costs and expenses are under control.
Stockholders are pleased and your bankers are as satisfied as they ever get.
You´re working 45 hours a week.

This business is heading for trouble

Sales are still growing, but profits are almost static.
Margins are falling and costs are increasing faster than sales.
Stockholders are getting edgy and the bank is more demanding.

You´re running harder and harder to stay in the same place, and working 60 hours a week.

When your business is growing, you´re usually so busy selling and producing product, that you don't have time to review your business processes — the way your business actually works. And if you do find the time, you're often too close to the business to see some of the problems.

That's the advantage of using an independent professional business consultant. We can take a different perspective and can help you see the whole forest, not just some of the trees. We don't just tell you that there are problems (You know that already). We work with you to solve them.

We are creative problem solvers. We use the knowledge we´ve gained and put that knowledge to work for your business. We work with you and your people to get your business working for you.